Sustainability & Social Impact

At Fisdy, intimacy not only means a natural feeling for you but also for the environment. With a dedicated team focused on an environment-friendly approach to making clothes and underwear, our team is always looking for innovative ways to manufacture and manage waste during the entire distribution and sourcing process of our product.

The fashion industry worldwide has been responsible for creating a carbon footprint that amounts to over 10% of the global greenhouse gas emissions and it has been a significant contributor and stakeholder in wastewater treatment and its environmental impact. The lack of use of environment-friendly materials and wasted water processing is one major issue for the clothing industry.


We aim to strive towards a more environment-friendly system via putting extra effort to make sure to only collaborate with vendors and manufacturers who use the industry-leading compliance standard in environmental protection and waste management.

You might wonder, what we are pursuing while we are choosing vendors and manufacturers to make things better. Here are a few humble attempts that we believe are important

Use eco-friendly material

While recycling materials and products is a great idea, we thought, why not start by using eco-friendly materials for manufacturing goods in the first place? So here is some eco-friendly material that our brands stand by:


Wool has proven to be a sustainable material that the fashion industry can use, and we do already. It is bio-degradable, renewable, and much more durable than other materials. In addition, the sheep farmers who produce the wool for our goods gather carbon from the atmosphere, which automatically reduces the harmful impact on the planet.


Our brand has been experimenting with sugarcane since time immemorial. It is sustainable to the core and easily bio-degradable. The natural qualities of sugarcane make it a useful component in our fabrics. Customers have loved the products made using it.


The aim is to use the many natural things that exist all around us as these can be some of the best recycling materials. Using natural resources like trees can have a positive impact on the environment.

Waste management

The fashion industry is notorious for its waste management strategies. The sector is recorded to dump 2.1 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide into the environment yearly. Most clothes you wear come from plastic manufactured from resources like fossil fuels. Responsible waste management is necessary to bring things under control and reduce the depletion of Earth’s fossil fuels.

We are looking for factories which are equipped with a highly automated production line for underwear&intimacy. It is not only about sanity and dirt free factory environment. Every vendor is evaluated for their work environment, machinery cleanness, and most importantly, water waste management system to make sure they comply with the national standard.

Our commitment to the environment and Donation contributions
Our company makes contributions and donations to charities that work with environmental issues and animal protection as well. Time is running, so we buckle up and do what is needed to do our parts to save this beautiful planet we live in! If not today, then when? If not us, then who? At Fisdy, this popular saying resonates with our brand, and we abide by its meaning when we are talking about environmental impact.



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